Environmental Studies Major Program

Today, you can major in Environmental Studies at theUniversity of Oklahoma through a mechanism known as a Planned Program*. The Planned Program is a way for a student to work individually with an advisor to create a tailor-made major. 

Students seeking unique training or a broader educational experience may complete a Planned Program in lieu of an existing standard major. The Planned Program must be a coherent set of courses exploring some theme or topic. A written proposal should state the purpose of the program and the specific courses to be included. Because the planned program substitutes for the major only, all other degree requirements of the college must be met. The student and the faculty member who will serve as the student's adviser must sign the proposed program. It must be submitted to the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for approval and for designation of the appropriate degree to be awarded upon the successful completion of the program.  The Environmental Studies degree programs are approved by the University of Oklahoma and the College of Arts and Sciences.

*Beginning in Summer 2016, Environmental Studies will be a stand-alone program within the College of Arts and Sciences and students will no longer have to major or minor in Environmental Studies through the Planned Programs system.

Professor Dave Hambright, Director of the Environmental Studies Program, will be your primary advisor and will work with you individually to develop an Environmental Studies major or minor that focuses on environmental issues, but yet provides you with specific support and skill courses aimed at maximizing your chances in achieving your personal employment goals. 

If you have questions or think you may want to major or minor in Environmental Studies, please contact the director of the program:

Professor K. David Hambright
Director, Environmental Studies
Email: dhambright@ou.edu
Phone: 405-325-7435