Environmentally Related Humanities

ENGL 3113, Nature/Environment/Science Writing
ENGL 3153, Technical Writing
ENST 2940, Environ. Research Experience (ERES)
ENST 2950, Environ. Research Experience (ERES)
ENST 3723, Phil. Issues in Ecology. Restoration
ENST 3913, Wilderness Philosophy
ENST 3633, Wilderness Philosophy
ENST 3940, Environ. Research Experience (ERES)
ENST 3950, Environ. Research Experience (ERES)
HIST 3173, History of the Great Plains
HIST 3383, History of the American West
HIST 3493, American Environmental History
HIST 4553, Environmental History of Latin America
HSCI 1113, Science, Nature & Society: Hist. Perspectives
HSCI 2133, Science & Popular Culture
HSCI 2423, Soc. & Eth. Issues in Sci., Tech., Environ. & Med.
HSCI 3023, History of Science Since the 17th Century
HSCI 3333, Technology and Society in World History
HSCI 3473, History of Ecology & Environmentalism
HSCI 3483, Technology, Politics, & Int’l Development
HSCI 3533, Science and Global Politics
LSTD 4700, World Religions and Ecology
MLLL 1013, Introduction to French and the Francophone World
NAS 3113, Native American Philosophy
PHIL 3293, Environmental Ethics
PHIL 3633, The Nature of Science