Water Sciences Minor


General Requirements:

18 hours chosen from an approved course list available from the department or as approved by faculty advisor. Students must successfully complete at least 18 hours of courses approved by the ENST program, including at least nine (9) hours at the upper-division level and a minimum of 12 hours must be from courses within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Departmental List of Approved Courses that may be used toward the Water Sciences Minor:

BIOL 3463, Water & Ecol. Sustainability
BIOL 4423/5423, Stream Ecology
BIOL 4433/5433, Freshwater Fish Ecology
BIOL 4463, Ecology of Lakes
BIOL 4493, Ichthyology
BIOL 4663/5663, Advanced Limnology
BIOL 4970, Wetlands Ecology (via CEES)
BIOL 5483, Fish Ecology
BIOL 5494, Biology of Fishes
BIOL 5693, Fisheries Management
CEES 2223, Fluid Mechanics
CEES 2313, Water Quality Fundamentals
CEES 2323, Environ. Transport & Fate Proc.
CEES 3213, Water Resources Engineering
CEES 3243, Water & Wastewater Trt Design
CEES 3251, WaTER Center Integrated Sem.
CEES 4114, Aquatic Chemistry
CEES 4243, Water Technologies for Emerging Regions
CEES 4273, WaTER Tech. Field Methods
CHEM 4503, Applied Oceanography
GEOG 4293, Hydrological Science
GEOL 3633, Introduction to Oceanography
GEOL 4633, Hydrogeology
ENST 2003, Environmentally Conscious Living: Water Resources Advocacy
ENST 3243, Intro to Water Law
ENST 3463, Water & Ecol. Sustainability
MBIO 4883, Water Microbiology Laboratory

No single course may be used by a student to satisfy a major requirement and a minor requirement. A course may be used, however, to satisfy both a major support requirement and a minor requirement. At the discretion of the program director and adviser, ad hoc electives (such as new courses, special offerings, and one-time courses) may be approved in writing to fulfill minor requirements.

The requirements for a minor must be completed concurrently with the major degree requirements. No minor may be added by completing courses after receiving the bachelor’s degree. Minors in the College are available to all undergraduate students at OU. If the minor is officially declared, successfully completed, and noted on the graduation application, the student’s transcript will so indicate at the time the bachelor’s degree is posted.

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